Чит коды на NCAA Championship Basketball (PC)

Outcoach your rivals with on-the-fly play calling. Hit F4 to do
a clear-out play so your star player can drive to the hoop.
Hit F5 to call a pick or screen play
(depending on your position on the court).

If you want to know which teams are going to dominate over
the next year or so, look in the Credits area at the principal
people involved in making the game. Whatever team's logo is in
the background is a team destined to be a force in college hoops.

This last on'e not really a cheat, but it's a good tip: If you're
having problems baking shots from the charity stripe, don't
shoot! If you wait long enough (about 70 dribbles), the player
will automatically take - and almost always make - the free throw.
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