Чит коды на NBA Live 2001 (PC)

Defeating Michael Jordan one-on-one:
Make one point and the ball goes to winner mode.
When he checks the ball, go with turbo Down/Left
and then quickly make a circle around him, go for
the sheet, and dunk away. Keep at this until you
master faking him with a roll around cross over.

Easy basket:
When they check the ball to you, fake the shot and they
will jump. Run around them and dunk the ball.

Play as God:
Inside of the main menu, type the word 'god' and each team will 
have a new player. God himself! 

Michael Jordan:
If you beat Michael Jordan in one on one, you can use him in 
the classic team. (1990's) When the game starts, there will be 
a guy holding a ball, when you see that, hold N, then when the 
EA sports screen appears, hold B. And when the screen which shows 
the teams appears, hold A. When the menu appears, type NBA Live 2001, 
and there will be a team called The Laker's Peacers.
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