Чит коды на NBA Jam: Tournament Edition (PC)

Enter the following codes at "Tonight's Matchup" screen to 
activate the corresponding cheat function. A message will confirm 
code entry for several of the cheats.

Effect                   Code 
Display shot percentage Up, Shoot, Up, Shoot, Up, Shoot  
Quick hands           Down, Turbo, Down, Turbo, Down, Turbo  
Max power             Left, Turbo, Right, Turbo, Up, Turbo  
On fire               Shoot, Shoot, Down, Shoot, Shoot  
Three pointers        Shoot, Shoot, Shoot, Up, Up, Up  
Dunks                 Left, Right, Up, Down, Left, Right  
Turbo                 Down, Down, Down, Turbo, Turbo, Turbo  
Goaltending           Turbo, Turbo, Up, Turbo, Turbo  
Baby mode             Turbo, Shoot, Turbo, Shoot, Turbo, Shoot  
Big-head mode         Down, Down, Down .Shoot, Shoot, Shoot  
Big-body mode         Up, Up, Up, Turbo, Shoot, Up  

Type in these Passwords to get these secret players
Character          Password
Catling            F6, C, F7, A, F8, T, F9, JAN, F10, 2.
Chris Kirby        F6, C, F7, H, F8, R, F9, DEC, F10, 18.
Daz Falcus         F6, D, F7, A, F8, Z, F9, AUG, F10, 6.
Fumungus           F6, G, F7, U, F8, N, F9, JAN, F10, 11.
Jax                F6, J, F7, A, F8, X, F9, MAR, F10, 1.
Kabuki             F6, K, F7, U, F8, B, F9, APR, F10, 14.
Heavy D            F1, H, F2, E, F3, A, F4, JAN, F5, 9
Higgins            F6, T, F7, O, F8, M, F9, FEB, F10, 19.
Hutchinson         F1, B, F2, A, F3, R, F4, APR, F5, 9.
Chow Chow          F5, C, F4, H, F3, D, F2, MAY, F1, 5.
Jason Falcus       F5, J, F4, F, F3, _, F2, NOV, F1, 16.
Sequoia            F5, S, F4, A, F3, W, F2, APR, F1, 10.
Boo-Boo            F5, T, F4, H, F3, I, F2, NOV, F1, 1.
Weasel             F10, D, F9, A, F8, N, F7, JAN, F6, 2.
Steve Snake        F10, S, F9, N, F8, K, F7, JUN, F6, 15.
Magic Hair         F10, S, F9, T, F8, H, F7, DEC, F6, 8.
Pistol             F10, W, F9, A, F8, N, F7, JUN, F6, 10.
Facime             F1, D, F2, E, F3, L, F4, OCT, F5, 19.
Brutah             F1, G, F2, O, F3, W, F4, JUL, F5, 17.
Hodgeson           F1, H, F2, O, F3, G, F4, DEC, F5, 31.
Jay Moon           F1, J, F2, A, F3, Y, F4, AUG, F5, 24.
Mike Muskett       F1, M, F2, U, F3, S, F4, DEC, F5, 24.
Neil Hill          F1, Z, F2, I, F3, G, F4, APR, F5, 7.
John Carlton       F1, C, F2, A, F3, L, F4, MAR, F5, 25.  
Mark Turmell       F1, T, F2, U, F3, R, F4, JAN, F5, 31.  
Sal Divita         F5, D, F4, I, F3, V, F2, JUL, F1, 3.   
Shawn Liptak       F5, L, F4, I, F3, P, F2, JAN, F1, 14.  
Tony Goskie        F10, G, F9, O, F8, S, F7, JAN, F6, 6.   
Jamie Rivett       F6, R, F7, E, F8, V, F9, JUL, F10, 6.  
Gorilla            F10, A, F9, P, F8, E, F7, APR, F6, 2. 
Benny              F10, B, F9, E, F8, N, F7, SEP, F6, 20.
Hugo               F10, H, F9, O, F8, R, F7, JUN, F6, 12.
Crunch             F5, W, F4, O, F3, L, F2, MAR, F1, 7. 
Adrock             F5, A, F4, D, F3, R, F2, APR, F1, 7.
MCA                F10, M, F9, C, F8, A, F7, APR, F6, 9.  
Mike-D             F6, M, F7, _, F8, D, F9, JUL, F10, 1. 
Steve Shelly       F1, S, F2, H, F3, Y, F4, JUN, F5, 8.
Lee Renaldo        F10, R, F9, E, F8, N, F7, FEB, F6, 4.
Thurston Moore     F5, M, F4, O, F3, E, F2, JUN, F1, 8.
Larry Bird         F1, L, F2, A, F3, R, F4, JAN, F5, 15.
Will Smith         F5, F, F4, R, F3, S, F2, FEB, F1, 2.
Jazzy Jeff         F5, J, F4, A, F3, Z, F2, OCT, F1, 9.
Bill Clinton       F1, B, F2, I, F3, L, F4, JUN, F5, 3.
Hillary Clinton    F6, H, F7, I, F8, L, F9, NOV, F10, 6.
Heavy D            F1, H, F2, E, F3, A, F4, JAN, F5, 9.
Kim Gordon         F5, G, F4, O, F3, R, F2, JUL, F1, 3.
Frank Thomas       F10, F, F9, N, F8, K, F7, JAN, F6, 8.   
Prince Charles     F6, C, F7, H, F8, A, F9, MAY, F10, 4.
Carol Blazekowski  F5, B, F4, L, F3, Z, F2, JAN, F1, 14.
Semmens            F1, S, F2, E, F3, M, F4, OCT, F5, 23.
Tunnicliff         F6, S, F7, A, F8, T, F9, MAY, F10, 7.
Max                F10, L, F9, I, F8, Z, F7, AUG, F6, 7.
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