Чит коды на Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Heroes 3 (PC)

Go to Input Password. Then put this in:
FIRE-2-4-7 - Unlocks Hokage Naruto Wallpaper
Fire, Ox, Rabbit, Horse - Hokage Naruto Wallpaper

A list of passwords used to unlock jutsus
Go to Tree of Mettle, then go to Enter Password. 
From there enter the following passwords:
Fire Rat Rabbit Monkey - Unlocks Ninjutsu: Fire Style: Burning Ash
Fire Dragon Rat Monkey - Unlocks Ninjutsu: Fire Style: Fire Ball Jutsu
Fire Snake Dragon Rabbit - Unlocks Ninjutsu: Fire Style: Dragon Flame Bomb
Fire Horse Rabbit Sheep - Unlocks Ninjutsu: Fire Style: Yoruho'o
Fire Sheep Boar Ox - Unlocks Weapon: Flash Kunai Ball
Fire Monkey Boar Rabbit - Unlocks Ninjutsu: Cherry Blossom Clash
Fire Rooster Rabbit Boar - Unlocks Ninjutsu: Dynamic Entry
Wind Rat Rabbit Ox - Unlocks Ninjutsu: Assault Blade
Wind Ox Boar Rabbit - Unlocks Ninjutsu: Wind Style: Air Bullets
Wind Dragon Sheep Rooster - Unlocks Ninjutsu: Genjutsu: Haze
Wind Dragon Horse Rat - Unlocks Ninjutsu: Detonation Dispersion
Wind Rooster Ox Tiger - Unlocks Ninjutsu: Leaf Repeating Wind
Wind Dog Boar Horse - Unlocks Ninjutsu: Tunneling Fang
Thunder Rat Snake Horse - Unlocks Ninjutsu: 100m Punch
Thunder Tiger Rooster Dog - Unlocks Ninjutsu: Slithering Snakes
Thunder Sheep Ox Rooster - Unlocks Ninjutsu: Bring Down the House Jutsu
Thunder Sheep Ox Dog - Unlocks Ninjutsu: Lightning Style: Thunderbolt Flash
Thunder Monkey Rooster Snake - Unlocks Ninjutsu: Lightning Blade
Thunder Monkey Dog Ox - Unlocks Ninjutsu: Dead Soul Jutsu
Thunder Rooster Boar Dog - Unlocks Ninjutsu: Genjutsu: Madder Mist
Earth Rat Boar Monkey - Unlocks Ninjutsu: Heaven Defending Kick
Earth Monkey Boar Rooster - Unlocks Ninjutsu: Summoning: Rashomon
Water Rat Tiger Rat - Unlocks Ninjutsu: Intensive Healing
Water Ox Dog Sheep - Unlocks Ninjutsu: Water Style: Ripping Torrent
Water Dragon Boar Dog - Unlocks Ninjutsu: Feather Illusion Jutsu
Water Horse Rat Ox - Unlocks Ninjutsu: Water Style: Water Fang Bomb

A list of passwords used to unlock figures:
Go to Tree of Mettle, then go to Enter Password. 
From there enter the following passwords:
Fire Sheep Ox Tiger         - Unlocks Figure: Gods and Angels
Fire Dog Rabbit Tiger       - Unlocks Figure: Team Asuma
Wind Rabbit Dragon Ox       - Unlocks Figure: The Hokage's Office
Thunder Snake Dragon Monkey - Unlocks Figure: Team Kurenai
Thunder Dog Tiger Boar      - Unlocks Figure: One Who Lurks in Darkness
Earth Sheep Boar Dog        - Unlocks Figure: Rivals
Earth Rooster Ox Snake      - Unlocks Figure: The Three Sand Siblings
Water Snake Dragon Ox       - Unlocks Figure: The Innocent Maiden
Water Dog Rat Rooster       - Unlocks Figure: Team Guy
Water Dog Snake Ox          - Unlocks Figure: Inheritor of the Will
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