Чит коды на Myst 3: Exile (PC)

1. Go to Edanna, the age with all the plants.
2. Go to the part near the bottom just before
the two big blue onion-looking flowers. Go to
the part with the stone steps just below the
bouncing leaf elevator.
3. Turn right and you'll see a moth on the stone steps.
4. Do NOT touch the moth. If you do it will fly away.
Press the tilde key(~) then click on the moth.
5. You should see faces of two cats on the moth's wings
that belong to the lady who designed most of Edanna.

Hidden PEZ dispenser:
Next to Saavedro's hammock near the scales inside
the main tusk in J'nanin, if you hold down the tilde
key (~) and zoom in, you'll find a PEZ dispenser. The
initials MEB are on it. These stand for Mike Brown
(Exile's lead animator), who has a great collection
of PEZ dispensers.

J'nanin Age: Lens posts:
On the J'nanin Age, there are a variety of posts, each
with a sort of lens. You must find the source of light
(near the yellow post) and turn the cover until the
light is directed to the yellow post. From there, point
the light from post to post and ultimately to the receptor
next to one of the three tusks. The light posts can be
manipulated by clicking on the ring under the lens.
Record the order of the colors of the posts that the
light travels to in order to reach the receptor, this
order is the key to open the door.

Actor Showing:
When you're in Tamahara, the Age in which the game starts,
go to Atrus' desk. Hold the '~' key and click on the picture
of Atrus and Catherine on Atrus' desk. A screen will show
showing the actors who played the characters in the game.
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