Чит коды на Mordor 1 (PC)

Infinite Cash:
Get a slave as one of your companions and in the confinement try to 
change it's alignment and it will cost you a negative amount-meaning 
they pay you to work for you. Do it as often as you like. (Also sell 
for cash and you can buy it back, but the price of a slave is also 

Quick and easy money: 
Create a dummy character of any race, gender, alignment, guild and stats 
- It doesn't matter, as he/she will be rendered virtually useless by this 
procedure. Unload the new character, then load any character you want to 
give any amount of money to. Goto the Exchange Items screen, and give the 
dummy character a NEGATIVE amount of money - I've found -1,000,000,000 is
a nice number to use. 

Just remember that this will give the character you're trading from that 
amount of gold, and will take that amount away from the other character. 
A character can only give less or equal gold to what they have, and any 
character has more than a negative amount of gold so this will work any 
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