Чит коды на Moorhuhn: Winter Edition (PC)

Get a high score:
Shoot the moon, and then shoot the crescent moon to turn on the 
lights in the town, Then, shoot all the lights out to shoot off 
fire works that will scare the chickens off the ground. Aim at 
the turkeys. To hit all of them, rapidly press the Right Mouse 
Button and Left Mouse Button.

Extra time:
You can earn an extra five seconds with the snow covered rock 
with two legs that is normally worth 20 points. The rock must 
be blasted before the clock ticks down to 1:25 seconds. Shooting 
this rock within the first five seconds of the start of the game 
will add the time back to the clock.

The Church Bell Tower on the right-hand side of town will 
normally cause you to lose -25 points. However you will earn 
an extra 10 seconds on the clock.
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