Чит коды на Might & Magic 9 (PC)

Unlimited items:
When entering the locked door on the Isle of Ashes,
open the chest to the right, just inside the door.
Do not click on the book -- this will take you to the
next part of the game. Instead, go back through the
door and enter the Verhoffin Ruins. Do not enter the
doors. You are not strong enough to kill the skeletons
in there. While in here, go down the hall and around the
corner to the end and open the chest. Take everything
and leave. Go back to the now opened door and look at
the chest. It should now be closed. Re-open it and take
everything. Go back to the ruins, leave ruins, go back
to chest, and the chest will be closed again. Keep going
backwards and forwards collecting items from same chest.
Note: This was done with the v1.2 patch of the game.

Unlimited artifacts:
Go to Thjorgard Training Hall. Fall down the chandelier
and go west. Break the crate where the black chest is
located and get the artifact. Leave through the door with
all the lizards and return. A different powerful artifact
will be there every time.

Hex Cheat
There are two files for saves, you need to open one with extension 
of HDR (i.e. joker.hdr) 

1. Health & Mana: If your max health is 40, then look for e8 00 00 28. 
   Now, if you want max health to be 296, change it to e8 00 00 28 01. 
   Your current health is after 3 pairs of 00s after your health. 
   That is, if your spell point is 40, then it's e8 00 00 28 00 00 00 28 
   and last 28 is your mana. Your max mana is again located after 3 pairs 
   of 00s from your current mana. Note: This cheat becomes moot after you 
   meet a teacher and increase your level. 

2. Your Stats: Skill points are located at the second pair from the pair 
   that is right above your first stat.

   i.e. _ this is your skill point
   00 01 00 00
   00 00 00 15 00
          - this is your first stat point.
   NOTE: Max Skill point is 256 (ff in hex). Anything greater will reset 
   the skill point to 0. 

3. Weapons: It's located right after your stats. The order of weapons are 
   blade, cudgel, bow, spear, thrown, unarmed combat. The space between 
   weapons are 3 pairs of 00s. For example, if your weapons are 
   blade & cudgel, then hex would be the first 01 00 00 00 01 after 
   your stat. If your weapon is cudgel & bow then your hex would 
   be 00 00 00 00 01 00 00 00 01 

4. Defense: It's right after weapons and it's located after 3 pairs 
   of 00s from last weapon (unarmed combat) The order is armor, 
   dodge & shield. The spacing between them is 3 pairs of 00s. 
   (i.e., if your armor and dodge are 1 & 1, then hex is 01 00 00 00 01) 

5. Magic: It's located after 3 pairs of 00s from last defense (shield). 
   The order is Elemental, Dark, Light & Spirit. The spacing between 
   them is 3 pairs of 00s. 

6. Specialty: Again it's located after 3 pairs of 00s from last 
   magic(spirit). The order is ArmsMaster, DisarmTrap, Merchant, 
   Perception, Item Repair, Identify Item, Identify Monster, Body Building,
   Learning & Meditation. The spacing between them is 3 pairs of 00s. 

7. Money: If you have more than 500 gold, it's very easy to find. 
   (i.e., if your money is 600, hex is 0258) But remember that high bit 
   comes later, so you're actually looking for 58 02.

Initiate to Healer Quest Hint:
Atli, near the Gathering in Guberland, instructs you to meet him 
at the dock at 3am in order to protect his goods from the bad guys 
until he returns at 6am. 
At about 3:15am a group of about 8 bad guys attack. While shooting 
your bows, back yourself into the water until you are submerged. The 
bad guys will follow you into the water. Immediately find your way to 
the shore. The bad guys stay in the water submerged. Just keep picking 
them off until the danger light turns green. 

Dark Magic Resistance:
When going to Linefarne, from the docks, go left and over the 
bridge to where there is only one house. Next to the house is a 
well that will increase dark magic resistance 5%. You can do this 
for each character. The special thing about this is that if 
you take a boat elsewhere then return, you can add another 5% 
resistance to each character. Only tested on original version.
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