Чит коды на Mig-29 Fulcrum (PC)

First press [T] to enter the codes.
you got what i need  - Unlimited Ammo
food goes here       - Reload plane
big gulp             - Refuel plane
youre here forever   - Invincible
damn that corner     - Can't crash
chilliburger         - Repair plane
spindive             - Can't be hit
upside down          - Auto level fly upside down
paperairplane        - Paper airplane


Follow these steps to land anywhere in multiplayer.
I have only tried this with the MiG-29 and F-16.1.
Open up your Novalogic Game.
2. Select "Quick Mission" on the menu.
3. Select a mission (on the demos there are only 1)
4. When you enter the mission press T and type:      damn that corner
5. Press Esc and Y (leave the mission)6. Go back to the main menu.
7. Select "Multiplayer"8. Press join.
Now you can land anywhere in DeathMatch or R.A.W.
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