Чит коды на Microsoft Baseball 2001 (PC)

Programmer Baseball Cards:
If you press "S", the batter will spit. If you continue
to press it, you will eventually see the the cards.

Hidden Pitch:
Using Ramon Martinez of the Boston Red Sox, use the
4th pitch key ('S' on the keyboard), even though he
only has three pitches listed. He will throw a sadistic
curveball at 107 MPH, every time. I do not think this
affects his fatigue any more than your average fastball.
This only works in League play.

Never an out:
Just press Ctrl and t, then you will get no outs when u bat.

Unlimited Outs:
To get unlimited outs, hold Ctrl R then u will get unlimited
outs. If u want to get outs again, hold Ctrl R again to
restart outs!

Super curveball:
When using Ramon Martinez of the Boston Red Sox as a
pitcher in league play, press S to throw a 107 mph
curveball, even though it is not one of his listed pitches.
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