Чит коды на Metro: 2033 Redux (PC)

Также известная как: Metro 2033 Redux
Armor and Stealth suits:
Before entering the train car at Armory Station, 
you can purchase a Stealth Suit for 100 military cartridges 
from the vendor across from the Ammo Exchange. There is a 
vendor next to that one that sells an Armor Suit that decreases damage. 
Both suits an be worn simultaneously. A similar Armor Suit 
is also sold by a vendor next to the Ammo Exchange in Polis.

Nightvision goggles:
In addition to buying the Sneaking Suit at the Armory Station, 
you can get a pair of nightvision goggles at Front Lines. 
While in control of Artyom, turn around, and follow the train tracks. 
The nightvision goggles will be in a red breaker box guarded
by two soldiers.
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