Чит коды на Megatraveller 2 (PC)

Here's how to get loads of money:
When you have found Trow Beckett who is located in Rhylandor near the
university talk to him and he gives you a few handy items - a locator and
coins as well as a diary. Drop them all and then select 'gove' and any
character. At this point he offers you money for something you have or for
nothing at all. He might offer you as little as 42 credits or even more than
two million credits - it all depends on how lucky you are at that particular
time. Just keep pressing Continue and your funds soar- stio when you're bored
of this easy way to make ludicrous amounts of money. If you're offered
something in the region of 4 billion credits take it but the game only lets
you have it once.
When one guy has got enough credits move on to the next character and let
them collect some. It's easy when you know how.
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