Чит коды на Megaman X3 (PC)

Enter these at the code-selection screen, then press
Start to get past the bosses/jump levels

What it is        What it does
7543-2857-8141-2141 Blast Hornet
8573-2257-6241-1141 Toxic Seahorse
2563-4265-6357-5127 Tunnel Rhino
2373-4267-4357-7727 Volt Catfish
4478-4863-4627-7358 Crush Crawfish
6414-4155-6872-3356 Ninth Chip
5718-1263-2627-7458 Dr. Doppler's Lab

These cheats give special powers:
6414-4155-6872-3356 Have everything except the
super adaptions

1454-3535-6162-7162 Zero's beam sabre + everything
from the above code
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