Чит коды на Mech Warrior Mercenaries (PC)

( 3DFX )

hold Ctrl+Alt+Shift then type:

su - invulnerability on/off
is - unlimited ammo on/off
oo - heat tracking on/off
it - "nuke" current target
re - destroy current target
in - gives you jump jets
cr - unlimited jump jet juice
li - ends mission succefully
be - enables Free-Eye mode

POD Cheats

1) VALAY = Damage Control
In the option menu type VALAY, then change the difficulty level and
damage level.

2) CRASH = Collision Control
If you want to play without collisions, all you have to do is type CRASH
during a race!

Other Cheats:

1) Map:
Shows the map.
Displays the other cars' names
Rear view mirror.
4) Map + F9:
Enhanced map, shows cars as numbers 1 to 8.
5) Garag:
Repairs the damage on your car
6) Mirror:
Enables reverse button on track selection -- the next time you load
the game, the red button is enabled and inverts the track for all
three modes of the game.
7) Screenshots:
Type SCRNSHOTS at the beginning of a race, then enter ALT+F12 to capture
8) Surprise:
For a real suprise, type HOULIGAN and let chaos rip!
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