Чит коды на Mech Warrior 3 (PC)

Cheat Codes:
Hold [Alt]+[Ctrl]+[Shift] and type the following words:
coldmiser   - disable heat sink
blorb       - no damage
flygirl     - jumpjet
mightymouse - unlimited jumpjet juice
cia         - unlimited ammo

Disable Heat Death
To disable heat death (not exploding when you overheat)
do the following. Take a mech that overheats by shuting
down or explodes when perfoming an alpha strike.
As soon as you do the alpha strike, quickly use your
coolant by pressing the F key. You should recieve a
message that says, "Heat death disabled."

Easier Salvage
To salvage enemy mechs easier all you have to do is to
shoot off one of the enemy mech's legs. An easy way to
do this a group a lot of medium pulse lasers together
and fire them at one leg. NOTE: This trick doesn't always
work, but it does increase your chances for salvage.

Video Select
To view any of the videos from Mech Warrior 3, open
"My Computer". Then right-click on the Mech Warrior 3 CD,
then click on open. Then go into the video folder.
Just double click on the video you wish to view.

Easy kills:
Blow off one leg of a mech. Since a mechs legs are
much weaker then the torso, it makes killing enemy
mechs much easier.
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