Чит коды на Mech Warrior 2 (M) (PC)

( Mercenaries )

During the game hold down CTRL+ALT+SHIFT and try these cheats:
SENTENCE                  EFFECT
~~~~~~~~                  ~~~~~~
beholdmyglory                   free floating eye enabled
superfunkicalifragisexy         invincibility
iseenfireandiseenrain           unlimited ammo
itsdabooomb                     makes targeted enemy blowup
crazysexycool                   infinite jump jet juice
bubbleboy                       puts circles all over you
inmybeautifulballoon            adds jump jets
ontimeeverytime                 time compression enabled
antijolt                                time expansion enabled
bubbleboy                       bounding spheres
undflashyflashy                 autogrouping enabled.  Makes weapons fire from
the first trigger
likethecomstarbaby              makes you succeed your mission but you don't
get the bonuses or anything
walkthisway                     leading reticle is enabled which makes enemy's
follow your reticle towards you
ooohhhlllaaalllaaa              heat tracking off
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