Чит коды на Marc Ecko's Getting Up (PC)

At the game information screen, select OPTIONS. 
then select codes, and enter one of the following cheatcodes:
STATEYOURNAME    - All characters unlocked 
DEXTERCROWLEY    - All movies unlocked     
SIRULLY          - All art unlocked        
DOGTAGS          - All combat upgrades     
SHARDSOFGLASS    - All Black Book unlocked 
GRANDMACELIA     - All iPod songs          
NINESIX          - All legends unlocked    
IPULATOR         - Level select            
BABYLONTRUST     - Maximum health          
VANCEDALLISTER   - Maximum skills          
MARCUSECKOS      - Unlimited health        
FLIPTHESCRIPT    - Unlimited skills        

Note: When you enter the code again, it's effect will be disabled.
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