Чит коды на Magic: The Gathering (PC)

Magic:The Gathering (- Battlemage -)
Well, I seem to be the first to notice that the decks in
Magic: the Gathering are simply text files. You can alter thes in
pretty much any way you like to create whatever deck you'd like.
I haven't messed with it much, but anyone can create a persona and
a deck pretty easily.

In the 'playdeck' directory, you can simply create a new text file
'player name'.dck. If you follow the structure of the other
.dck files, you'll have your deck in no time.

Some observations :

- I believe the first column of numbers is something that affects
the AI, but I haven't touched those, so I'm unsure
- The second column is the number of each card you want (i only
assume that the total for all of these must be larger than 40)
- The third column is the name of the card
- You also have to be sure to keep the total number of types of
cards at least as large as the current number, don't know why.
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