Чит коды на M.I.B: Men in Black (PC)

While in the game, press ESC to get to the main
menu, then type "DOUGMATIC" several times until
you are returned to the game.
Press ESC again and type any of the following:

Code          Result
AGENTJ      = change your agent to J
AGENTK      = change your agent to K
AGENTL      = change your agent to L
AGENTX      = change your agent to X
GIVEME      = all weapons
LOADME      = infinite ammo
HEALME      = full health
4HEALME     = full health
MOVEME      = gives saved games of all levels
PROTECTME   = invulnerable / God Mode
KILLEM      = kills all enemies
HQ          = sends back to MiB HQ
ARCTIC      = goes to Arctic Level
NEWYORK     = goes to New York
UNDERGROUND = goes to underground level
AMAZON      = goes to Amazon level
TEMPLE      = goes to temple level
FRALES      = goes to Frales house level

Face bitmap code
You can play MIB as anyone (even yourself).
Just replace the files

../art/3d/textures/head_f.bmp     AND

with any head bitmap (even a pic of yourself).
Then use the cheats to play as Agent X.
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