Чит коды на Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events (PC)

In the game there's a file named "User.ini" which contains most of the user
preferences and key bindings.
User.ini is located at: 

\Documents and Settings\[Username]\My Documents\Lemony Snicket 
(in Windows XP) 

\Users\[Username]\My Documents\Lemony Snicket 
(in Windows Vista/7)

To bind any key to a command, find that key in the list, i.e. F1 or Ctrl, and
type the command name after the equals sign ("=").
For example, if you want to use the F1 key to fly, it should be like this:
"F1=Fly" (without quotes, of course).
Walk         - Deactivate Ghost and Fly cheats            
Fly          - Fly around the level                       
PlayersOnly  - Freeze everything except the current player
God          - Invincibility                              
Suicide      - Kills the player character                 
Ghost        - Noclip
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