Чит коды на LeMans 24 Hours (PC)

Enter any of the following "Names" as your player name : 

ENDOFFERS       - All Cars (Championship) 
LEMANSOFFERS    - All Cars (LeMans) 
ALLTHECARSNOW   - All Cars (Arcade) 
1999CHEATCARS   - All Cars (Run) 
ALLTRACKSPLEASE - All Tracks (Arcade) 
19BMW99         - 99 BMW LMP (Training) 
1999AUDI        - 99 Audi Roadster (Training) 
TOYOTA1999      - 99 Toyota (Training) 
DEBORACING      - Deborah (Training) 
DEBORALM        - Deborah (Run)
MAKEITPEASY     - Easy racing 
MAKEITNORMAL    - Return to normal racing
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