Чит коды на Leisure Suit Larry 6 (PC)

Skip to ThunderBird cartoon:
Use the ashtray on the right side of the reception desk four times 
to jump to the ThuderBird cartoon and collect the dog collar. 

Various secrets:
Note: Some of the following tricks require the CD-ROM version of the game. 

Continuously clock on the first sculpture by the pool and the stairway to the 
Blues Bar to receive the swimsuit and the inflatable beaver. 

You will also be prompted to inflate the beaver. 
Continuously click on the towel rack in your bathroom to get the towel, 
hand lotion, cloth, brochure, and toilet paper. 

Click the zipper icon on the taco truck when in the kitchen. 
After getting Cav's ID badge, continuously click on the shirt with the hand. 

After Cav leaves the aerobics room click on her record collection to bring 
up the Leisure Suit Larry 6 soundtrack. 

Click the brochure and hand creme on Larry when he is on the toilet to put 
him through some utter humiliation. 

Click on the tile that appears out of place when in the shower room. 
Try clicking many times on various objects in the lobby (locked door, 
chandeliers, etc.) to advance farther into the game without having to 
follow the real solution.
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