Чит коды на Lego Star Wars (PC)

To activate these cheat codes, you need to start a new game, then 
enter "Decter's Dinner" and go into "Enter code". 

BEQ82H - Princess Leia 
L54YUK - Rebel Trooper 
A32CAM - Darth Sidious 
VR832U - Disquised Clone 
MS952L - Mace Windu (Episode III) 
RS6E25 - Clone (Episode III Walker) 
N3T6P8 - Clone (Episode III Swamp) 
BHU72T - Clone (Episode III Pilot) 
ER33JN - Clone (Episode III) 
SF321Y - General Grievous 
ZTY392 - Grievous' Bodyguard 
14PGMN - Count Dooku 
EUW862 - Shaak Ti 
CBR954 - Kit Fisto 
DP55MV - Ki-Adi Hundi 
A725X4 - Luminara 
LA811Y - Bobba Fett 
PL47NH - Jango Fett 
XZNR21 - Super Battle Droid 
LK42U6 - Battle Droid (Geonosis) 
19D7NB - Geonosian 
F8B4L6 - Clone 
H35TUX - Darth Mual 
92UJ7D - Padme 
PP43JX - Royal Guard 
DH382U - Droideka 
EN11K5 - Battle Droid (Commander) 
987UYR - Battle Droid 
KF999A - Battle Droid (Security) 
R840JU - PK Droid 
U63B2A - Gonk Droid 

The codes below needs activation in the "Extra" menu when 
you press [Esc] after you have entered them like the above cheat codes. 

NR37W1 - Silly Blasters 
L449HD - Classic Blasters 
IG72X4 - Big Blasters 
SHRUB1 - Brushes 
PUCEAT - Tea Cups 
LD116B - Minikit Detector 
RP924W - Moustaches 
YD77GC - Purple 
MS999Q - Silhouettes 
4PR28U - Invincible
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