Чит коды на Legacy of the Kawasaki Family (PC)

There are 19 endings in the game, and over 50
pictures in the photoshop. Check the values in
the "FLAG3" file first: if the beginning says
"ALLPIC.MES", and byte $6B is already $11, then the
photoshop has already been maximized. If it hasn't,
or all the endings aren't showing up, change bytes $61
through $6A to the value $11, except $63 can be $10 and
not miss anything. Now change $6B to the value $01.
When you next run the game and view the entire photoshop,
you will get a final screen with a Japanese text phrase,
and the FLAG3 file will be modified to maximize the
photoshop. There are other ways of getting to see only
some of the pictures, but I figured you can always ignore
the boring stuff if you are guaranteed to see ALL the adult
stuff as well. Note that any changes to the FLAG3 file
require a binary file editor.
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