Чит коды на Legacy Of Kain: Soul Reaver 1 (PC)

Hex Cheats:
There are a number of "command line" parameters that
the game will accept, but unfortunately not on the
actual command line nor by trying to use the file
KAIN2.ARG, which has the default parameters used by
the game. They are actually read from an area inside
the KAIN2.EXE file. There are only 39 bytes that can
be used. Be sure to backup KAIN2.EXE before editing
this file. To find the place with a hex editor, search
for some part or all of the following string:

under 1 -mainmenu -voice -inspectral

The first parameter should be a level name. This level will
be loaded if the "Start A New Game" option is chosen on the
Main Menu. See below for level names.

The remaining bytes can be used for parameters. If the -mainmenu
parameter is not there, when the game is started, the first
parameter level will automatically be loaded. The -inspectral
parameter means Raziel will start a new game in the spectral
world. It is not known exactly what the -voice parameter does
as there are still voices in the game if it is not there.

The following string will open all portals. Also, when a new
game is selected, it will start after the long beginning cut-scene
and very close to the first portal. These cheats will not however
allow access to all areas of the game because they do not grant
any of the additional abilities or weapons needed to continue nor
will they solve any of the puzzles which open locked doors.

train 1 -mainmenu -voice -allwarp

Command Line Parameters


Level Names (not in order)
Note: Sometimes other numbers after the level name will also work.
Examples: train 2; cathy 25.

chrono 1      cathy 8        htorm 1     under 1       nightb 3
pillars 1     cathy 5        piston 1    cliff 1       nighta 4
cathy 55      cathy 3        sunrm 1     city 14       nighta 2
chrono 2      cathy 1        intvaly 1   city 9        nighta 1
nightb 8      tompil 3       fill 1      city 2        aluka 29
aluka 46      pillars 9      stone 10    city          aluka 27
pillars 2     pillars 4      stone 5     tower 7       aluka 19
cathy 54      pillars 3      stone 1     tower 1       aluka 12
skinnr 12     oracle 22      skinnr 9    add 1         aluka 8
fire 3        oracle 18      skinnr 1    conectc 1     aluka 6
train 9       oracle 17      skinnr 7    tomb 1        aluka 4
train 7       oracle 15      out 4       boss 2        aluka 1
train 1       oracle 13      out 1
hubb 1        oracle 10      cathy 68
huba 10       oracle 5       cathy 49
huba 6        oracle 3       cathy 47
huba 1        oracle's cave  cathy 42
mrlock 1      nightb 5       cathy 19
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