Чит коды на Left 4 Dead 2: The Passing (PC)

Select "Options" at the main menu, then "Keyboard/Mouse". Enable the 
"Allow Developers Console" option. Press [~] during game play to access the 
console window. Enter one of the following cheats.

tongue_range [number]              - Set max. range of Smoker's tongue attack
z_pounce_damage [number]           - Set amount of damage done to survivors
z_health [number]                  - Change zombie health
z_speed [number]                   - Change zombie speed
director_panic_forever [0 or 1]    - Toggle never ending panics
director_force_panic               - Force panic event
give ammo                          - Full ammunition
give pistol                        - Spawn pistol                                            
impulse 101                        - Get ammo for primary weapon                             
give autoshotgun                   - Spawn automatic shotgun                                 
give first_aid_kit                 - Spawn first aid kit                                     
give health                        - Spawn full health                                       
give gascan                        - Spawn gas can                                           
give hunting_rifle                 - Spawn hunting rifle                                     
give molotov                       - Spawn Molotov cocktail                                  
give oxygentank                    - Spawn oxygen tank                                       
give_pain_pills                    - Spawn pain pills                                        
give pipe_bomb                     - Spawn pipe bomb                                         
give propanetank                   - Spawn propane tank                                      
give rifle                         - Spawn MK 47 machine gun                                 
z_spawn weapon_SMG                 - Spawn SMG                                               
god                                - Invincibility                                           
buddha [0 or 1]                    - Toggle receive damage but cannot die                    
sb_openfire or open_fire           - Bot teammates shoot nonstop                             
director_no_mobs [0 or 1]          - No mob rushes                                           
firstperson                        - Disable third person view                               
Ent_Remove                         - Remove all bots                                         
z_witch_damage [number]            - Set damage for a Witch's attack does
thirdperson                        - Third person view                                       
thirdpersonshoulder                - Over the shoulder third person view
z_common_limit [number]            - Set maximum number of regular zombies
z_tank_health [number]             - Set maximum health of tank
sb_friendlyfire [0 or 1]           - Toggle if bots can do friendly fire damage
director_stop                      - Disable all wanderers, mobs, specials, 
                                     and Bosses
z_spawn zombie                     - Spawn a zombie                                          
boom                               - Spawn active pipe bomb under you
z_spawn [Boss name]                - Spawn special Infected                                  
z_spawn mob                        - Spawn a zombie horde                                    
z_spawn boomer                     - Spawn Boomer
z_spawn hunter                     - Spawn Hunter
z_spawn smoker                     - Spawn Smoker
z_spawn tank                       - Spawn Tank
noclip                             - Toggle No Clipping mode                                 
sv_infinite_ammo [0 or 1]          - Toggle unlimited ammunition
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