Чит коды на Leadfoot: Stadium Off-Road Racing (PC)

Add Money
Enter MEGASAXON at the New Career screen to get $1,000,000.

Advanced Codes:
Enter the name at the career screen, or at player vehicle screen.
Note: After you had a cheat code, you can save your cheats after 
you're done racing.
HANZOSFAST   - Extreme Acceleration
KOKOBOOSTER  - Turbo Boost         

Begin a new career and save the game. Write down amount of money
you have, convert it to hex string, break it onto two parts and 
switch their positions (example: 1000 > 03 E8 > E8 03). 
Use any hex editor to open the savegame file (it's in the 
"Leadfoot\Data\Saved Game" folder). Find your string and replace 
it with EA 60 for example to to get 60,000. 
Now load your savegame.
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