Чит коды на Kingdom o' Magic (PC)

Cheat Codes
Select a character and a quest and begin game play.
Locate an area with minimum action (no CD-ROM activity) and
no wandering monsters (Goliath the Dwarf, Orcs and Ring Wraiths).
Examples of such areas include "The Boardwalk Bridge",
"The Mountain Path" and "The Valley O` The Gorgon".
Then, type one of the following case-sensitive codes and
press [Return] to activate the corresponding cheat function.
Note: When obtaining an object, it will disappear from its
original location in the game.

SCIDAY-Day time
SCINIGHT-Night time
SCISTUF(object name code)-Obtain object1
Select an object name code from the following list:
ACTION-Kingdom O` Magic action figure from cave
BBBAT-Aluminium baseball bat
BSPELL-Big book o` spells
BGCORK-Big cork
BGSPAN-Big spanner
BROSHR-Brochure o` sun, sea and tomfoolery
BKNOTS-Sailors big book o` knots
CAGE-Child in a cage
CREDIT-Credit sign
CTPROD-Wand o` cattle prodding
CANDLE-Giant candle
CHAINS-Steam powered chainsaw
DOSWRD-Suspicious french stick
DWARF-Goliath the dwarf
DRCARD-Door entry card
DRGBEF-Drugged beef
DUVET-Duvet (20 tog)
DUNNYP-Carte blanche (toilet paper)
DGAXE-Dirty great axe
EMPBOX-Empty box
FLAMTH-Dodgy flame thrower
FIST-Fist o` the western star?
GMANCT-Gingerbread man cutter
GOLORN-Golden ornament
HANMIR-Hand mirror
HARFLS-Harpic flushmatic
HANDLE-Crank handle
INSTRU-List of instructions
JARLIT-Jar o` lightning?
LNGSCK-Long sock with a cricket ball in it
MAGBNS-Magic beans
MOBPHN-Mobile phone
MALLET-Comedy mallet
ORCDIS-Orc disguise
PLNTR1-Palantir stone
PAPBAG-Paper bag
PARSAC-Parrot in a sack
POTGRL-Potassium grail
PLATSH-Golden platform shoes
RAISEN-Giant raisins
RLLPIN-Rolling pin
SHRN70-70`s clothes for Shaz
SABER-Saber o` light
SGMAN-Secret plans
SMKEY-Small key
SPRHAR-Spare hair
SPLAIR-Spell o` airstrike
SPLCAB-Spell o` cabbage
SPLDWF-Spell o` dwarf
SPLFLT-Spell o` floater
SPLINC-Spell o` incontinence
SPLINV-Spell o` invisibility
SPLKIK-Spell o` kick in the shins
SPLKOL-Spell o` kolgate shield
SPLGAS-Spell o` left the gas on
SPLSLO-Spell o` sloooo moooo
SPLTLP-Spell o` teleport
SPLWZB-Spell o` wizbang
STILTP-Stilt plans
SUITAS-Suit o` finest asbestos
SWORD2-Sword o` much greatness
SWORD1-Sword o` normalness
TALODC-Talisman o` dancing
TRENDI-Trendai glasses
THID70-70`s clothes for Sidney
VOUCHR-Elven gift voucher
VSBOOK-Visitor`s book
WEDGIF-Wedding gift
WEDLST-Wedding list and invitation
WSHEET-White sheet
WUNDER-Woolen underthings
YELFEL-Little yellow fellow

Kingdom o' Magic

When you get the phone in the game,
just use it and punch in these numbers. Enjoy!

012487      317614      581376       854971
110569      329579      593993       861719
112474      348500      604428       864759
123456      359187      628776       866882
141267      359722      641076       878888
147999      384768      642789       884422
188632      442244      733393       886363
201172      465135      771518       911000
233959      511491      780527       999000
299900      525131      800506
303959      548199      804505
311433      558055      853308
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