Чит коды на King's Quest 7: The Princeless Bride (PC)

Press [Left Ctrl] + [Left Shift] + 7 during game play. 
A console window will appear. Type one of the following codes 
at the password prompt, then press [Left Ctrl] + [Left Shift] + 7 
again to close the console.

adam  -Programmer Easter egg 
bump  -Connor moves short distance through walls 
concollide -Disable no clipping 
give (item name) (number) -Gain indicated number of items 
god -God mode1 
jeffo -Programmer Easter egg 
leslie -Programmer Easter egg 
noconcollide -No clipping 
oscar -Programmer Easter egg 
rocket -Programmer Easter egg 
run -Connor runs at all times 
ruth -Programmer Easter egg3 
set kqconner::reincarnate true -Instant return from death 
teleport -Place Connor at any map location2 
ungod -Disable God mode 
welch-piel -Programmer Easter egg 

1. Some things are still hazardous, such as the River Of Death, 
   traps, falls, and burning to death in the Barren Region. 
2. Click anywhere on the large map screen after enabling this code 
    to transport to that location; may crash game if travelling to 
    locations that are not yet accessible.
3. Picture of bride and groom float around Connor when back at Daventry. 

Item name list:
Enter one of the following case-sensitive item names when 
using the give code. 

Dagger           FullArmor           DragonKey           SpellPage                  
SmallAx          Helmet              RockKey             Mask1A                     
BroadSword       TempleArmor         BlueAdamant         Piece1A                    
Mace             GodArmor            JailKey             DarkPyramid                
LakeSword        Mushroom            DecipheringAmulet   ShardFuse                  
SkelKingSword    SacredWater         Paddle              MarbleTablet1              
BattleAx         Crystal             Feather             MarbleTablet2              
WarHammer        ElixerOfLife        GoodSkull           MarbleTablet3              
Pike             Clarity             BadSkull            GriffRoomKey               
LongSword        Invisible           RoundKey            GriffCageKey               
FlameSword       Invulnerable        SquareKey           ClockShaft                 
TempleSword      Strength            Ladle               HookDown                   
SmCrossbow       RingOfDeadHero      hmhand              HookUp                     
AzrielHammer     Ashes               Mask1               SpinningMask               
SmCpndCBow       Candle              Mask2               Orcbow                     
ShortBow         SilverCoins         Mask3               Spear                      
LongBow          MagicMap            Mask4               IceShard                   
CrossBow         RopeAndHook         Mask5               IceLever                   
CpndCrossbow     RingOfLight         Piece1              LucretoFire                
FlameBow         KeyToDeathMaze      Piece2              NoRanged                   
IceCrossbow      Mold                Piece3              NoArmor                    
WeeperEyes       BrokenShield        Piece4              BirthdaySuit               
DemonRocks       RustedBrokenShield  Scroll              Logo1                      
SkelBow          HearingHorn         LadyBell            Logo2                      
SlmSlime         AntiPoisonFlower    RustedLock                 
WitchBolt        GreenMushroomPiece  KeepKey                    
Lava             Rock                StoneOrder                 
Fists            IronLock            MetalShaft                 
Icycle           OakRoot             TruthKey                   
LeatherGloves    LodeStone           LightKey                   
LeatherArmor     CrystalPyramid      OrderKey                   
LeatherBoots     BlackDiamond        MarbleTablet0              
ChainMailShirt   AmberGlow           MaskMedalian               
ChainMailGloves  BasiliskTongue      Grail                      
ChainMailSuit    FireGem             Mask3B                     
PlateMail        PipeCap1            Piece5                     
BronzePlate      PipeCap2            UniHorn
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