Чит коды на King's Bounty: Armored Princess (PC)

Press [Shift] + [~] during game play in Adventure mode to display
the console window. Enter one of the following codes to activate
the cheat function. 
money [number]      - Set gold amount                           
leadership [number] - Set leadership                            
doublearmy [1-5]    - Double troops in indicated slot           
doublearmy          - Double all troops                         
magicbook           - All level 1 spells to spellbook           
rune [number]       - Get indicated number of all three runes   
crystal [number]    - Get indicated number of crystals          
levelup [number]    - Get indicated levels                      
mana [number]       - Increase maximum mana by indicated number 
mana                - Refill mana                               
rage [number]       - Increases maximum rage by indicated number
rage                - Refill rage                               
spirit [1-30]       - Level your spirits                        
clearwife           - Remove wife and children                  
name [name]         - Rename your hero                          
boat                - Spawn boat if already purchased
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