Чит коды на Keepsake (PC)

Debug commands:
Push those buttons on the keyboard while playing to get the desired effects.
Some work only when actually walking around Dragonvale, some even in the 
title screen.

[Q]  - Instantly quits the game.
[L]  - Loads the most recent saved game.
[M]  - Press to stop Lydia from moving. Zak will still try to move where you 
       click, but will usually return to Lydia. Press again to regain movement.
[S]  - Saves the game.
[T]  - Some debug informations will appear on the screen. Press again to make 
       them disappear.
[/]  - Warps to a debug room with warps to all rooms in the game (works even 
       in the title screen). Entering some warps might crash the game.
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