Чит коды на Joust 2 (PC)

There is a pterodactyl cheat in Joust 2 that's very similar
to the one in the original Joust. Start on wave 11 (just to
make it easier to get started). Work your way up to level 13.
There is an object towards the top right of the screen that you
can stand next to. Kill everything except a few greys - leave
them flying around. Now position yourself just to the right of
the object on the top and point your lance toward the right.
The pterodactyls will fly right into your lance, just like in
the original Joust. The greys will just fly around confused,
unable to find you. They will come close, but will turn away.
Don't flap, or they will be able to find you!

The only way you can get killed this way is if a grey is bumped
into you somehow, and this is quite rare. The wave will end only
if the remaining greys are sucked underwater by the lava troll.
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