Чит коды на Joan of Arc: Wars & Warriors (PC)

On the main menu of the game,write coronation.
If you hear a sound that means it worked. Then in-game 
press [Shift] + [~] and in the popped window write the codes below:
invincible 1     - god mode
unit_level_up X  - where X is the desired level from 2 to 30
unit_add_str X   - plus X strength points
unit_add_dex X   - plus X dexterity points
unit_add_lea X   - plus X leadership points
unit_add_def X   - plus X defence points
unit_add_gold X  - plus X gold coins

More Money:
When you are at the main menu type in "moneylove" 
then when you start playing you will have 10,000$.
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