Чит коды на Jewel Ques Deluxe (PC)

v1.215 Cheat Codes:

[Ctrl]+[Alt]+[Shift]+[Z]  - Activate Cheats
[Ctrl]+[1]                - Levels
[Ctrl]+[2]                - Levels
[Ctrl]+[3]                - Levels
[Ctrl]+[4]                - Levels
[Ctrl]+[5]                - Levels
[Alt]+[0]                 - Rounds
[Alt]+[1]                 - Rounds
[Shift]+[1]               - Cycles
[Shift]+[2]               - Cycles
[Shift]+[3]               - Cycles
[Shift]+[4]               - Cycles
[Shift]+[5]               - Cycles
[Ctrl]+[W]                - Auto Win
[Alt]+[W]                 - Kill Auto-Win
[Ctrl]+[l]                - Add Life (lower case L)
[Alt]+[l]                 - Lose Life (lower case L)
[Ctrl]+[t]                - Add 1 minute
[Alt]+[t]                 - Subtract 1 minute

For clarification:
- Levels correspond to the 5 different background themes (5 total)
- Rounds represent the boards within each Level 
  (# varies from 5 to 10 with each Level)
- Cycles represent how many times you can go through all the levels (5 total)

For example, when you see Level 3-2 on a game board, 
it actually represents Level 3, Round 2. When you start 
the game, you are an Explorer (Cycle 1) and gradually get 
promoted to Adventurer, Excavator, Surveyor, and finally Researcher. 
These Cycles can be seen by accessing Replay Any Board from the Menu 
button that is visible in the game
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