Чит коды на Ishar 1 (PC)

Save your game in slot 1, quit to DOS, back up the file GAME01.SAV,
then follow the commands below, starting from the DOS prompt:
e 02d5 ff
e 02df ff
e 02e9 ff
e 03e2 7f
e 03e7 7f
e 03ec 7f
e 03f1 7f
e 03f6 33
e 03fb 33
e 03ff 1f
e 0400 77
e 0405 77

This will give you, (in order of edits) 255 vitality, lots of money, 255
psychic, level 128, maximum strength, wisdom, constitution, agility,
intelligence, skills, physical, and mental.
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