Чит коды на Indianapolis 500 (PC)

Here is a setup for the Lola which has achieved the magical 240mph
lap - clocking in at an incredible 241.9 mph. But as always there is
a catch. The engine has been tuned to the limit and blows after
two 240 mph laps - so use this setup for qualifying.

CAR:             Lola/Buick
Turbo setting:  9
Fuel minimum:   (5 gallons)
Wings:          both minimum drag
Tyres:          all soft
Tyre stagger:   +0.40 inch
Type pressure:  RF 25/RR 26/LR 27/LF 28
Camber angle:   -0.5 0 +1.75 +0.75
Gears:          1st 8.6/2nd 5.52/3rd 3.77/4th 3.7
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