Чит коды на Independence War 2 (PC)

Cheat Method
First open the defaults.ini file in the main dir with
notepad and change developer_mode = 0 to developer_mode = 1.

Then go to the /configs folder and add these lines to the
default.ini file - under the cheat key section (down at the bottom):

Keyboard, I, CTRL, ALT

Keyboard, X, CTRL, ALT

Keyboard, G, CTRL, ALT

Keyboard, K, CTRL, ALT

Hit the corresponding 3 keys to activate that cheat.

Note From Game Developer
The cheat key bindings were designed for developer use,
and improper use can break the scripted content, causing
problems with the game. Specifically the cheats can be
used to destroy objects in the game that are indestructible,
which could cause missions to break.
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