Чит коды на Ib (PC)

Completing the True Guertena Exhibit:
Checking paintings gets them into the true Guertena exhibit (you have
to be able to read the full name, though, so if the name contains words
that Ib doesn't know, you have to have Garry with you to read them to 
Ib or it won't count). Some paintings, however, require that you read 
books (by examining bookshelves). Ones that contain unknown words will 
require Garry's assistance, obviously. To get Garry, Mary, and Ib's 
mother and father into the exhibit as well, get the four "good" endings 
(where Ib escapes through the Fabricated World painting). It doesn't 
matter if you get an ending before unlocking the true Guertena exhibit;
as long as it's on the same file (continued through new game plus(es)),
it will count.
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