Чит коды на Hunt for the Red Baron (PC)

Successfully complete the game to unlock a special
option for cheats in the "Goodies" screen.
You can become invincible, get a booster, and have
unlimited rockets and bombs. When you have booster
and bombs both activated, hold [Boost], drop a bomb,
and release [Boost]. Your bomb will travel faster
than a rocket, and will go long distances.

Fly Above Clouds:
To fly above the clouds you must fly to the point where
yoy cant go any higher and then turn off your engine then
quickly but gently pull up and you should be flying above
the clouds.
Note: when coming out of the clouds you should lose control
for about 10 seconds.

Edit plane:
If you are facing difficulty completing a mission, go inside Missions 
folder and there search for the your mission number..Go into the folder 
without the minus(-) sign.In that there are two files .html and 
mission.ini file. 
Html file describes the mission objective.
change the 'read-only' attribute of the mission.ini file.
Double-click the .ini file and find 'player = 1'.That para descibes :

name = [Type of Plane]
id =
groups =
ordinancetype = 1 [ 1=bomb , 2=Rocket ]
numordinance = 10  [No of item carried, here it is 10 ]
player = 1   [you]
pos =
up  =
right =

Also you can add and change these line :

endurance = xxx.000000 [keep '.000000' as it is , change the first 3 digits]
highspeed = xxx.000000 [keep '.000000' as it is , change the first 3 digits]

Decrease number of AAGUN,Turret:

ground = (landscape units)
air = (planes in the secnerio)
vehicle = (type of anti-aircraft gun)

Find 'vehicle' and delete vehicle0,vehicle1,vehicle2.. in decending order. 
This decreases the no of aagun or shipturret in the mission

in the game folder go through all the *.ini files and 
find the one that has your pilots name in it. set the 
mission no. to 25 and save the file. now play the game. 
u will start at the last mission. complete it. now the 
cheats will be unlocked.give yourself a new name and be 
the ace flyboy.
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