Чит коды на Homeworld Remastered Collection (PC)

The following cheats are from the original Homeworld. 
Some of them may or may not work in the remastered version - 
you'll have to check to make sure. To use these cheats, add the code 
(the number or word with the "/" at the start) to the shortcut parameters.
You can see those by right-clicking on the icon to see the properties. 
If the "/" doesn't work, you can all try a dash "-" instead of the "/".

1024x768 resolution     -    /1024
1280x1024 resolution     -    /1280
16-bit color     -    /d16
1600x1200 resolution     -    /1600
24-bit color     -    /d24
32-bit color (more precise 24-bit)     -    /d32
640x400 resolution     -    /640
800x600 resolution     -    /800
Add subtitles     -    /closeCaptioned
Allow LAN play with any version     -    /forceLAN
Camera starts at (0,0,0) instead of the Mothership     -    /smCentreCamera
Debug mode     -    /debug
Disables bi-linear filtering     -    /noFilter
Disables bigfiles     -    /ignoreBigfiles
Disables captaincy log files     -    /captaincyLogOff
Disables computer players     -    /noCompPlayer
Disables front-end textures     -    /NoFETextures
Disables KNI     -    /disableKatmai
Disables minimize using Alt + Tab     -    /noMinimize
Disables mode 3 error     -    /nodebugInt
Disables movie sequences     -    /disableAVI
Disables network logging files     -    /logOff
Disables packed textures     -    /disablePacking
Disables pausing using Alt + Tab     -    /noPause
Disables perspective hints     -    /nohint
Disables polygon smoothing     -    /noSmooth
Disables retreat tactics     -    /noretreat
Disables sound effects     -    /noSound
Disables tactics     -    /notactics
Disables talking     -    /noSpeech
Disables textures     -    /nilTexture
Disables window border     -    /noBorder
Display game in window     -    /window
Enables captaincy log files     -    /captaincyLogOn
Enables dock lines     -    /dockLines
Enables gun lines     -    /gunLines
Enables network logging files     -    /logOn
Enables slow screen bits     -    /slowBlits
Enables verbose logging files     -    /logOnVerbose
Full screen mode (default)     -    /fullscreen
Gathers stats     -    /gatherStats
Generates stats log file     -    /statLogOn
Global memory heap size setter     -    /heap (int)
Harder computer opponents     -    /determCompPlayer
Light lines in debug mode     -    /lightLines
Logs AI     -    /aiplayerLog
Logs data files loaded     -    /logFileLoads
Make an int 3 when a sync error occurs     -    /intOnSync
Make bowties on ships     -    /boxes
NIS testing using nisFile     -    /testNIS
NIS testing using scriptFile     -    /testNISScript
No damage effects     -    /noShowDamage
No stars, asteroids, etc.     -    /noBG
Play a demo     -    /demoPlay
Play packet recordings     -    /packetPlay
Record a demo     -    /demoRecord
Record packets during multiplayer games     -    /packetRecord
Records packets and saves frequently     -    /debugSync
Resets rendering systems to default     -    /sw
Set path for opening files     -    /prepath x | path
Set path to CD-ROM     -    /CDpath x | path
Stipple alpha (renderer)     -    /stipple
Swap speaker output     -    /reverseStereo
Text feedback in game commands     -    /textFeedback
Use 24-bit color     -    /truecolor
Use direct sound driver     -    /dsound
Use Direct3D     -    /d3d
Use F11 to toggle free mouse movement     -    /freemouse
Use KNI     -    /forceKatmai
Use OpenGL     -    /gl
Use rGL device     -    /device (sw|fx|d3d)
Use waveout     -    /waveout
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