Чит коды на Hidden & Dangerous Deluxe (PC)

H&D Deluxe Cheats Now Follow below. You must type the letters between 
the quotes, don't type the " part. Type the codes once you are in the 
mission, not from the menu's like the older H&D games. 
You will hear a loud click when its put in correctly, Enjoy:

"iwantcheat"  - unlock other cheats 
"funnyhead"   - just for fun 
"skipmission" - pass the mission successfully 
"abandon"     - abandon the mission 
"ironman"     - add health to active player (about 20x normal health) 
"fullhands"   - put all items int player's inventory (not in multi-player) 
"immortality" - toggle: players don't receive hits (must be entered on all 
                machines in multi-player) 
"suicide"     - immediate death of active player
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