Чит коды на Hearts of Iron 2 Doomsday (PC)

Press F12 to bring on the console and type any of these codes: 
acceptall     - AI folds to all demands and suggestions (ON/OFF) 
fullcontrol   - Total controll (ON/OFF) 
showid        - Toggle show province id's 
showxy        - Toggle show coordinates 
handsoff      - Toggle hands off 
jstart        - ?????? 
jstop         - ?????? 
nofog         - Toggle fog of war 
nolimit       - no troop limits 
norevolts     - Rebels defeated (on/off) 
nowar         - AI won't declare war (ON/OFF) 
difrules      - godmode on/off 
manpower      - more men 
oil           - more oil 
money         - more money 
rare          - more rare materials 
metal         - more metal 
energy        - more energy 
nuke          - nuclear bomb 
nuke <enemy>  - nuke enemy
freedom       - Reform country on/off 
viewtech      - show opponents techresearch 
escorts       - more escorts 
transports    - more transports 
supplies      - more supplies 
dissent       - get a dissent
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