Чит коды на Hardball 6 (PC)

Alien Team Mode:
To make your team a team of aliens with messed up names,
go to your team stats screen and press and hold

All-Star Game of 1996:
To play the All-Star game of 96' go to the season menu and
press and hold CTRL A S G. Then at the end of the season
the exact teams from the 1996 All-Star game will play in
an All-Star game. You also get to pick which team you want.

Aluminum Bats:
To give your team aluminum bats, go to the Team Stats screen
and press an hold CTRL B A T. The good part about these is
that you hit the ball very far.

Automatic 10 runs:
To get an automatic ten runs, press and hold CTRL T E N at
any point during any game.

Big Head Mode:
To eneable big head mode, at the beginning of any game press
and hold CTRL B H M.

Edit Players:
To edit your player's skills, go to their baseball card screen.
Click on the stat you want to edit twice, then press and hold
CTRL+E+T+L. (Only CTRL E T and L, no commas or plus signs).
Then, hit BACKSPACE or DELETE to remove his current stats and
then type in a number (1-100) for his new stats.

Give your players amazing speed:
TO make your characters be able to hvae a speed atribute of 999,
go to their baseball card screen and press and hold CTRL S P D.

Gorilla Mode:
To make all of your players gorillas for a game, press and hold
CTRL A P E at the team stats screen. Gorillas can kill the ball,
but they're really slow.

Hit a home run every time:
To hit a home run, press CTRL H R 1 whenever your batter goes up
to bat. Then all you have to do is hit the ball.

Invisble Players:
To make all the players invisible and add some more
challenge, press and hold CTRL I P M at the beginning
of any game?

Unlimited Strikes:
To have unlimited strikes for your team when they bat, press
and hold CTRL N S A at the beginning of any game.

Win the game instantly:
To automatically win the game you're in, press and hold
CTRL W C G in between any innings.
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