Чит коды на Hard Truck 2 (PC)

Pause the game and type:

Code                 Result
hardtruckisthebest - Money and License
wininalottery      - Money and License
openallroads       - Opens All Roads
advancedmap        - See Hidden Containers on Map
freerepair         - Press Backspace for Free Repairs
freerecover        - Press [Ctrl] + 5 for Free Recovery
fillup             - Unlimited Fuel

Get free Recovery:
Press Ctrl + 5

More Thrust:
Pause the game, type TURBINE, then use the following keys:

[Ctrl]+1 for Forward Thrust
[Ctrl]+2 for Backward Thrust
[Ctrl]+3 for Upward Thrust
[Ctrl]+4 for Downward Thrust

No cost for fixing damage!
All you do is when you have damage on your truck press
Back space and your damage will be fixed with no charge!!
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