Чит коды на Half-Life: Battles of the Millenium (PC)

( Half-Life: Battles of the Millenium )

Spam Special Weapon Cheat:
First, start a game and go and get killed.
DO NOT RESPAWN. While dead go to character
select menu and pick Megaman. *While Dead*
Press the 1 key on your keyboard. This will
activate Sub-T. Then pick whatever character
you want DONT RESPAWN!. Then with that character
while your dead, press the 4 key on your screen,
this will activate the character you picked's
special attack.

Invisible Cheat:
To do the invisible cheat you must first join a game.
While inside the game, go to the console (~ key) and
type: model freeza. Then Type this: model dracula. This
will make you completely invisible unless you be batman.
If you are batman and do the invisible cheat then your
back will have letters that say: "I am a cheater".
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