Чит коды на Grand Theft Auto 2 (Demo) (PC)

In the Data folder, which is located in the game folder,
there is a file NYC.GCI. Make a backup copy of this file
before editing anything, then open it up with any text
editor. In the file are stats and more for all the cars
in the game.

For example:
{Cop Car}  - [Car Name]
12 {model} - [Model no.]
1 {turbo}  - [if car has turbo power 1:enable 0:disable]
60 {value} - [Destroy Value]
0 {pad}    - [Unknown]
f14.500 {mass} - [Weight of car]
f1.000 {front drive bias} - [Unknown]
f0.500 {front mass bias} - [weight in the front part of the car]
f2.000 {brake friction} - [how good the brake is]
f0.433 {turn in} - [Unknown]
f0.400 {turn ratio} - [how good the car can turn]
f1.250 {rear end stability} - [how stable the back of the car is]
f0.400 {handbrake slide value} - [how much you will slide]
f0.150 {thrust} - [how much thrust goes into acceleration]
f0.415 {max_speed} - [the max speed the car can reach]
f1.000 {anti strength} - [the cars strength, set to f0.000 for
car invincibility]
f0.115 {skid threshhold}  - [how much the car skids]
f0.550 {gear1 multiplier} - [Unknown]
f0.680 {gear2 multiplier} - [Unknown]
f1.000 {gear3 multiplier} - [Unknown]
f0.180 {gear2 speed} - [how much speed extra is given in this gear]
f0.290 {gear3 speed} - [how much speed extra is given in this gear]
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