Чит коды на GoldenEye 007 (PC)

Go to multiplayer and select "Man with the Golden Gun" in
the Archives. When the game starts someone must get the Golden Gun.
When the Golden Gun has been acquired by someone arm the Golden Gun
and then run up to aone of the boxes that are present and shoot it.
Run into the flame so that it hurts you.  Continue to do this on
until you die, when the person dies who had the Golden Gun, it
just disappears and no one can pick it up. And, on the sonar screen
it shows that all players present have the Golden Gun.

If you go to the Facility level and go to where there are two
containment doors to access the gas room, look up above the doors
and see a red light that turns green when you open the door.
If you shoot this light three times it will turn black. But when
you open the door again the light comes back on. You can not bust
it out anymore from here.
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