Чит коды на Global Ops: Commando Libya (PC)

Goto Username/My Documents/My Games/GlobalOps_CommandoLibya/Go_Game/Config and
open Go_Input with Notepad. Add to or edit [Engine.Console] so it reads as:


Then save. In the game press the Tilde Key [~]. 
Enter any of the following cheat codes:
god         - God Mode
loaded      - Unlimited Clips
ghost       - No Clipping Mode
walk        - Disable No Clip
slomo #     - Change Game Speed
playersonly - Freeze AI
open [MAP]  - Load MAP (see below)

Use the following names with the open [MAP] command:
Chapter 1 mapname - GT_intro
Chapter 2 mapname - GT_zima
Chapter 3 mapname - GT_statek
Chapter 4 mapname - gt_gruzja
Chapter 5 mapname - GT_village
Chapter 6 mapname - GT_jaskinie
Chapter 7 mapname - GT_miasto
Chapter 8 mapname - GT_poscig
Chapter 9 mapname - GT_baza
Chapter 10 mapname - GT_lotnisko
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