Чит коды на Gears of War 4 (PC)

Secret "Despicable You" weapon:
Start a new game on the Insane difficulty. Proceed through the beginning of the
Prologue and destroy the Comms Tower and then grenade the bunker in order to make
it to the large gate. It is recommended to grab a new set of grenades at this
point to make killing the three enemies you will encounter next a little easier.
After opening the door, go to the main gate and interact with the panel on the
side to start a short cutscene. Continue to the next section, which is where you
can get the hidden weapon. When you come out of the gate, kill the three enemies
you encounter. Then, sprint forward towards the stairs, and turn right before
the stairs to see a gate starting to close. You need to dive through the gate
before it closes. If you fail to make it through, simply reload the last
checkpoint and try again. The gate closing seems to be triggered by the final
enemy dying. Once you make it inside the room before the gate closes, you will
find the "Despicable You" weapon on a container on the left. This weapon is an
ice gun with 12 bullets that shoots an ice ball that freezes and kills any
enemies within its radius. Unfortunately, this weapon can only be found in this
location and the ammo for it can not be replenished. This weapon is a reference
to the Ice Gun in the Despicable Me movie.

Dom's Toms:
On any difficulty level, play through the campaign until you reach the greenhouse
in Act 2 of Chapter 2. There, destroy two waves of enemies. Around you, there also
are tomato plants growing in pots. Make sure that you destroy every last one of
the pots before leaving the building, precious though the plants are to their owner.
A lot of the pots are positioned out in the open, on tables, but make sure that
you don't miss the pot located on a high shelf. When every last pot has finally
been destroyed, you'll know it because Marcus will start an extended, profanity-
laced rant. When it concludes, head toward the building's exit and you should
spot a new tomato plant. Investigate it to receive Dom's Toms, special saucy
grenades that function like standard ones but look very different.

Marcus the Babysitter:
If you pay attention to the screens in the Prologue, you'll notice the man in
the lab coat (who is obviously Baird) had a conversation with a person named
"VINTER." This is an example of Marcus checking in with Baird to see how JD is
doing. Baird also has a conversation with First Minister Jinn, which is on the
screen after you play through the Prologue.
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