Чит коды на Gato (PC)

This is a trick for GATO which allows you to instantly move the
submarine to any coordinate on the map without having to spend
your time (or the ship's fuel) sailing there!
To get instantly to any map coordinate:
KEYS          EFFECT
~~~~          ~~~~~~
C           (Goes to Chart)
Z           PASSWORD>
XXXXX,XXXXX   (Goes to coordinates XXXXX,XXXXX on Chart)

The XXXXX above can be any decimal number, and the two values
should be separated by a comma but with no spaces in between.
The first number is the East distance, the second the North
distance, from lower left corner of Chart. 0,0 is the lower left
hand corner of the map, but the sub sinks if you go there
(or anywhere less than about 10,10). Each Box on Chart Map
is 5000 X 5000, and each hatch mark on Quadrant Map is 1000.
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